Pastoral Services

Sisters in pastoral services provide emotional and spiritual support to others, care and counseling in either a hospital or healthcare facility and in parish or social services setting. Pastoral care involves listening, supporting and encouraging.

Mercy Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Pastoral Services

S/C = Sponsored or Co-Sponsored

Catechetical Instruction for Indigenous

S/C: Caribbean, Central America, South America
Offers accompaniment of indigenous population.

House of Mercy

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2005 Woodlawn Avenue
Erie, PA 16510
S/C: New York, Pennsylvania West
Offers welcome and hospitality to build a stronger neighborhood. Also offers youth programs and supports various neighborhood initiatives.

McAuley Center for Abused Women and Children

9200 Kamague
Iligan City, Mindanao 9200
S/C: New York, Pennsylvania West
Offers a safe environment for women and children fleeing a life of despair: safe housing, vital services, psychiatric evaluation and follow-up care.

McAuley Herbal Clinic

9200 Camague
Iligan City, Mindanao 9200
S/C: New York, Pennsylvania West
Helps poor women supplement their family income by working together to make and sell soap and candles. Herbal medicines are made available affordably to poor families unable to purchase commercial medications. Offers women basic health education, herbal medicine education, and counsel in feeding malnourished children. Provides pregnant with nutritious food.

Mercy Consultation Center

P.O. Box 370, South Memorial Hwy
Dallas, PA 18612
S/C: Mid-Atlantic
Spiritual/counseling center.

Mercy House

17-A Marunong Street
1100 Quezon 4300
S/C: New York, Pennsylvania West
Serves women who participate in a Catechical Program while manufacturing herbal syrups, soaps and candles. The house is also open for prayer and solitude.

Rural House of Mercy

607 East Main St.
DuBois, PA 15851
S/C: New York, Pennsylvania West
Offers a ministry of presence and works to meet the needs of underserved or neglected people living in the rural villages and small towns of DuBois Deanery of the Catholic Diocese of Erie. Work includes: service to the sick, infirmed and dying; education in both public and Catholic schools; faith development through Scripture sharing and presentations to adults and children within parishes.

Women Arise

Box 5609
Mindanao 9200
S/C: New York, Pennsylvania West
Educates women, especially those who are economically poor, to sew with indigenous materials, making such items as bags, purses, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins, bookcovers, etc. These items are then exported for sale to help augment family income.