Our South Central Leadership

At the 2012 Assembly, the South Central Community elected its second Community Leadership Team, which will serve until 2016. Our leadership team is based at Mercy Administration Center in Belmont, North Carolina, outside of Charlotte.

South Central Leadership is (from left to right) Sister Debbie Kern; Sister Jane Hotstream, president;
Sister Mary Rose Bumpus, vice president; Sister Pat Coward.

Because of significant geographical distances from areas of South Central in the continental United States, Jamaica and Guam each elect leadership that focuses on local issues.

Sister Susan Frazer

Sister Susan Frazer serves as the leader and facilitator of the Mercy/Jamaica community.


Members of Guam Local Administration are (from left) Sister Sister Maria Rosario Gaite,
assistant Guam administrator, 
Sister Marian Arroyo, Guam administrator, and
Sister Elizabeth Ann Uncangco.