Find a way every day.

Each year on September 24, as we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, the Sisters of Mercy also celebrate the opening of the first House of Mercy by their founder, Catherine McAuley. Catherine made mercy real for her community of Dublin by offering compassion and hospitality to those in need. The house remains a symbol of her legacy of mercy to the world more than 190 years later. 

Now, more than ever, we need to share the compassion and mercy we feel.  Our social media feeds need it too.

Today, we challenge you to share how you Make Mercy Real. In the coming year, find a way every day to Make Mercy Real and share it with us.

The challenge is simple, but the impact is immense. We can’t wait to see how you find a way!


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Find a way to share mercy: Feed the hungry. Visit the sick.
Or simply, share a smile with someone who needs it.

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Share the moment: Snap a photo, write a few words and share using #MakeMercyReal.


Need some inspiration? Here are some simple ideas for finding a way every day:

  • Compliment a stranger! Take note of her reaction.
  • Thank someone who you haven’t thanked in a while! 
  • Notice your neighborhood. Does anyone need a helping hand? Reach out or just smile and say hello! 
  • Ask someone a question about themselves. Take time to listen to their answer.
  • Tell someone you love them. Start with yourself. 
  • Pray a little longer. Be still for five, ten, 15 minutes. Listen to what God tells you. 
  • Ask someone how they are today. Stop and wait for the answer. 
  • Skip the meat today! Be kind to our Earth and make it a Meatless Monday. 
  • Enough groceries for a guest? Invite someone who needs a friend to dinner. 

#MakeMercyReal Blog Series

Beginning Mercy Day 2019: A year-long blog series exploring the ways people within our Mercy family and beyond find a way every day to #MakeMercyReal for themselves and for others.