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Social Worker for Homeless /  Hymn Composer /  Business Administrator / Temporary Vowed

Empowering people who are homeless

Sister Libby Fernandez


Sister Libby is the Founder and Director of Mercy Pedalers, reaching out to and bringing mercy to those who are homeless. Follow @SisterLibby on Instagram

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Inviting women to Mercy

Sister Derby Mercado

Follow @DerbyRSM on Instagram.

Sister Derby serves as a vocation director in the Philippines. She previously ministered in a school, using her background as a business administrator. Follow @DerbyRSM on Instagram.

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Temporary Vowed

Sister Colleen O'Toole


Sister Colleen is working in an inner city kindergarten at a Catholic school in Cincinnati. She is in temporary vows and has been in the community for five years. Follow @sistercolleen_rsm on Instagram.

Resourcing sisters and writing music

Sister Cynthia Serjak

Follow @RSMcynthia on Twitter.

Sister Cynthia serves as a resource for vocation and incorporation ministers across the U.S. An avid organist, in her spare time, she composes hymns. Follow @RSMcynthia on Twitter.

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