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Mothers & Others Provide Masks in Nebraska

May 18, 2020

Sister Kathleen Erickson describes mask donation for the media.

The Notre Dame, Mercy and Servite Sisters and Associates contributed to the cause. The gifts were for detainees as well as jail staff in recognition of the lack of space for social distancing at the facility. Hall County currently has the most cases of COVID-19 in the state and the largest number of detainees in Nebraska.

“The message is we are all in this together,’’ Sister Kathleen Erickson, one of the organizers said. “It’s everybody. We care and we’re all connected. My greatest hope, is that the good minds and the good hearts in this country will begin looking at ways that we need to change our systems and our structures.”

Mothers and Others wanted to emphasize the inequality of those who contract the virus. They are either fleeing horrific violence, or they can’t feed their children. They come here to work and we, instead of helping, we put them in detention,” said Kathleen.

Mothers & Others was started in July on behalf of children who died in custody after being taken from their migrant parents. It has morphed into advocacy on behalf of detained immigrants, said Kathleen.

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