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Join a virtual rally for #FaithfulRecovery!

July 07, 2020

Why a Virtual Rally for a #FaithfulRecovery?

When senators return to Washington, D.C., later this month, they must pass legislation to meet the basic needs of those most devastated by covid-19 and by dramatic job losses, who are disproportionately Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This is an opportunity for senators to address longer-term recovery as well.

We need solutions that are sustainable for people and for the climate. We must better prepare for future disasters and crises by reducing our health risks and addressing underlying economic, racial, and health inequities that make recovery more challenging. 

The CARES Act enacted into law earlier this year was a start in protecting vulnerable communities, but we know much more must be done to provide financial support to those who have lost income and/or livelihoods and to build a more just and environmentally sustainable future. 

In May, dozens of faith groups signed a letter to members of Congress calling for a recovery that  addresses historic environmental injustices that put some members of our communities at greater risk for covid-19. We also asked for investments in renewable energy and green jobs and in infrastructure for clean air and water and public transportation.

The House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act, which includes a number of provisions that further our priorities as people of faith, including a moratorium on water and energy shut-offs and grants for communities affected by polluting industries. The Senate, however, has yet to act.

In addition to providing immediate assistance to struggling families and individuals, the Senate has an opportunity to ensure that we emerge from the pandemic as a stronger, more resilient nation that is prepared to address future health crises as well as the worst impacts of climate change.

As people of faith we believe that relief and recovery plans must:

  • Transition away from fossil fuel dependence and support the expansion of clean energy and clean energy jobs as we focus on getting people back to work
  • Address health inequities caused by air and water pollution that disproportionately harm communities of color, and increase resilience to future disasters, whether those are future pandemics or the impacts of climate change
  • Support our most vulnerable global neighbors in developing countries

Please help us amplify that message through a virtual rally on July 14th with other people of faith around the country. In addition to educating our friends and family, we want to push senators to consider our priorities as they draft legislation in the near future and beyond.

You may find here all the information you need to participate in the virtual rally, including a sign you can print out to post on social media and sample Tweets and Facebook postings.

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